The Favored Approach

Favored Financial Planning serves the Triad region of North Carolina; Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point.   Cordi works to understand all areas of your financial position, ultimately creating a plan that prepares you for life’s inevitable trials and changes. You won’t be told what to do; you’ll be provided with easy-to-understand advice and recommendations to help you implement your decisions.

Favored Financial Planning sells no products and receives no commissions. Instead, you pay a flat, annual fee for objective advice on how to achieve your financial goals. This fee covers all the necessary meetings as well as access to your advisor whenever you have questions or life changes.

Why Favored Financial Planning?

Selecting a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions an individual should make.  Favored Financial Planning is:

A Fiduciary: and therefore legally obligated to act in good faith and to put your interests ahead of personal interest.  A fiduciary also provides full written disclosure of any conflicts of interest that may compromise his or her impartiality or their ability to work in your best interest.

A FEE-ONLY Planner: (NOT to be confused with “fee based”): receiving no compensation that is contingent on you acting on the advice given. Fee-only advisors do not sell financial products and do not receive commissions or other benefits from the financial decisions you make.

Holistic: providing advice based on your goals, after considering all your financial risks, tax strategy, and the rest of your financial plan.

Available to Help Anyone: You don’t have to “meet a minimum” to receive good financial planning. Everyone who is willing to work on achieving their dreams should have access to someone who is willing to help them accomplish their goals.

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