Cordi's Media Appearances

View Cordi's recent media appearances to discuss personal financial planning & advice:

1st Steps to Budgeting

Cordi joins Rev. Ken Kroohs to talk with Shannon Smith of Fox 8 about help with budgeting. Rev. Kroohs explains how to ensure money does not become a burden and Cordi shares information about “budget bandits” and more.

Managing Your Child’s Christmas Wish List

Cordi joins Shannon Smith on Fox 8 WGHP’s Mommy Matters to discuss managing your child’s expectations for Christmas Day.  She provides an interesting place to start before developing a Christmas List with your child.  She also gives advice on ways to ensure your child feels loved even when the Christmas budget is lean. (Video)

Developing Good Financial Habits with Your Children

Cordi joins Fox 8 WGHP’ “Mommy Matters” segment to discuss advice and tools to help your kids develop good financial habits. (Video)

Having the Money Talk with Your Parents

Cordi identifies issues to discuss with your aging parents on her recent appearance on Fox 8 WGHP. (Video)