Lucky you…you found LOVE (Part 2)

If you remember from the February 3, 2014 post, Steve and Liz came to me for help with preparing for their lives together.  These newlyweds were in their late 30’s and this was the first marriage for both of them. As we reviewed the services offered at Favored in our “getting acquainted” meeting, we uncovered… [Continue]

Lucky you . . . you found LOVE

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday and President’s Day is Monday this year, so why not make it a 4 day weekend of romance. Go to your favorite restaurant, take a walk down memory lane and stoke or rekindle the sparks that brought you two crazy lovebirds together.  Then use those memories to fuel a… [Continue]

Why Are New Year’s Resolutions So Hard to Keep?

If you are tired of making New Year’s resolutions, why not regroup with a theme for 2014? Instead of making “New Year’s Resolutions” why not have a theme that you embrace for the year. My theme for 2014 is “Excellence in 2014”. I’ll share 2 -3 acts per month > that you can implement > that can result in #ExcellenceN2014. This approach allows you to build habits that will stick beyond the close of the year. The implementation of 2 – 3 small changes per month can rapidly propel you toward your goals.