The Favored Client

Favored Financial Planning serves the Triad region of North Carolina: Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point.   We also work with clients virtually; whether they are local, statewide, or nationally located.

Cordi works to understand all areas of your financial position, ultimately creating a plan that prepares you for life’s inevitable trials and changes. You won’t be told what to do; you’ll be provided with easy-to-understand advice and recommendations to help you implement your decisions.

Favored Financial Planning sells no products (i.e. insurance or annuities) and receives no commissions. Instead, you pay a flat, annual fee for objective advice on how to achieve your financial goals.

Are You The Favored Client?

Favored Financial Planning serves individuals and couples at all levels of wealth.  If you are willing to work on your dreams, we are willing to help you achieve your goals.

We are currently working with strong women clients who take lead with the finances in their relationships or are single busy professionals who need someone who understands the pressure of having to over-perform to be successful in their profession.  You will fit right in if you:

  1. Are seeking to invest money and assets that are outside of your current employer’s retirement plan, and
  2. See the value in having help with tax-efficient financial planning and tax compliance.

Once you Schedule a Getting to Know You Meeting:  You can exhale.

Financial Planning Services

Peace of Mind Review

The Peace of Mind Review is a short term engagement with Favored that provides powerful insight into your current financial position.  The review includes:

  • Addressing your most pressing financial concern
  • Analysis of information on file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Discussion of your progress toward achieving the Five Fundamentals of Fiscal Fitness
  • Current asset allocation and investment location for tax efficiency
  • Analysis of net worth and evaluation of progress relative to life-cycle benchmarks
  • Review of current investment portfolio

Standard Financial Planning

The Standard Financial Planning and Investment Management engagement is a deep dive into your finances through comprehensive financial planning.  We meet every 2 – 3 months addressing each piece of your financial picture. We cover the following topics along with any additional financial concerns that should arise during the engagement:

  • Goal setting
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Insurance review
  • Estate Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Investment Strategy
  • Employer benefits review (including retirement plan analysis)
  • Tax Planning and Preparation

Once you Schedule a Getting to Know You Meeting:  You can exhale.