• Christian Financial Planning

    Experience the support of an advisor who prays for you before, during and after meetings, and the assurance of Biblical financial advice.

    Christian Financial Planning
  • Objective Viewpoint

    Things are not as bad as you think. God frequently uses individuals who feel inadequate or ill prepared to accomplish great works for Him. Get started right where you are; we will grow from there.

    Objective Viewpoint
  • Wise Financial Decisions

    For one flat fee, you can meet with your advisor as often as necessary to accomplish your financial goals. Help is available to prepare for your future and to adjust when the unexpected happens.

    Wise Financial Decisions

Be Purposeful

Financial freedom is a blessing. Don’t let finances be the stumbling block in moving towards your God-given vision. Consideration for your family and future cannot be neglected. A practical, personalized approach to your finances allows you to address what really matters, and helps you prepare for the trials that come with life. Prepare to fulfill your vision – plan with purpose.

Be Passionate

You are uniquely created with specific gifts, talents and given a vision designed to help the world. Each time your unique abilities are not used, you miss a blessing, and someone else suffers. However, use your gifts, talents and resources to accomplish the purpose for your life, and you will experience excitement, joy, and intense feelings – passion. When you plan with purpose, you are free to live with passion.

Getting To Know You

Financial Planner

A Getting to Know You meeting allows us to discuss how Favored Financial Planning can help you achieve your financial goals.

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