Favored Financial Planning is a registered investment advisor and was intentionally designed to be a fee-only financial planning firm. As a client, you can expect:

  • Straight talk. No financial products are sold, nor are any commissions received. As a fee-only financial advisor, the only compensation is what you pay for objective professional advice. The complete focus is on what is best for you.
  • All-inclusive approach. All aspects of your finances are evaluated and a strategy is designed where each part works in harmony with the others. You’ll see a lot of attention focused on areas of your financial life that are often overlooked or ignored by other “financial advisors.”
  • Value for your money. An advisor committed to providing service that exceeds your fee. It’s a concept that is virtually non-existent in the financial planning profession. But doesn’t it make sense that your financial advisor should work to save you more than you are charged?

Worry less with a professional fee-only financial advisor on your side

Favored Financial Planning serves the Triad region of North Carolina: Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. We also work with clients virtually; whether they are local, statewide, or nationally located.

About Cordi

Meet Cordi Powell, a trained medical doctor specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Cordi made a bold pivot when she took time off to nurture her three children and seamlessly transitioned from a career in medicine to becoming a guiding light in financial planning. She pursued her passion in the male-dominated financial industry, completing the rigorous CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ coursework. She then acquired the Enrolled Agent (EA) certification, as a testament to her conviction that including taxes is necessary for comprehensive financial planning.

In 2012, Cordi made another audacious move when she founded Favored Financial Planning, an independent, minority women-owned, registered investment advisory firm, focused on addressing the financial concerns unique to women who bear the responsibility of managing their household finances.

One of the assets that sets Cordi apart is her holistic approach. While she adeptly handles traditional investment portfolios, her female-dominated clients receive individualized comprehensive financial guidance. This includes meticulous tax preparation and planning, strategic integration of 401(k) plans, leveraging personal real estate planning as a safeguard against inflation, and a robust long-term care strategy that extends beyond conventional insurance purchases.

In addition to her professional achievements, Cordi finds balance in her personal life. Married to Jerry, she now revels in the joy of being an empty nester. This newfound freedom allows Cordi to indulge in Pilates and actively participate in a local Master’s Swim Team, further showcasing her commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle. Cordi Powell stands as a beacon of empowerment, illuminating the path for women navigating the complexities of financial stewardship with her expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication.

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