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At Favored, we provide you with tools to help you – Plan with purpose. Live with passion. Knowing that you have a strong financial foundation to accomplish your vision allows you to experience the passion that comes with being the person God designed you to be.

Steps in our journey together:

  1.  Get an understanding of what God has called you to do.  Not confident about what God is asking you to do?  Through prayer and spiritual tools, we will clarify your calling.
  2. Set goals to accomplish your calling.  We will set and accomplish, prayerfully determined, long, intermediate and short-term goals.
  3. Govern your finances toward the fulfillment of your calling. We will look at your finances as a whole, so that you have practical plans. We will evaluate your stewardship, investments, taxes, insurance and estate plan, along with any topics necessary for you to focus on your meaning without worrying about your means. You must first secure home and then spread abroad.

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